The Game.

The Hole.

Kick Golf takes all of the key principals of Golf but is played with your feet and a football with larger holes. 

So the idea is to get the ball from the starting point (tee)  in to the hole in as fewer shots as possible. The length of the holes vary in length from 50 yards to 300 yards. Each hole will be given a “par” score, this means the amount of shorts that hole can be played in if played well, all holes will be either a par 3, par4 or par 5 this I guide to the player prior to playing each hole. 

After your game (round) you add up all your shots and that gives you a score, the lowest score wins the game. The game is played with a maximum of 4 players in a group playing the same hole at the same time.

The Kick Golf hole has been specially designed to ensure very little or no damage to the area where it is placed, the hole sits on a flat surface with a flag in the centre. There is a slight ramp surrounding the hole to allow the ball to be played up and into the hole, there is and art to getting the ball in the that adds an extra spice to the game. The hole is made from a solid cast with anti slip ramp to allow both the ball and players to gain grip when around the hole, and unlike golf the flag stays in at all times.

The holes are stackable to allow for easy storage when not in use or being transported from venue to venue.